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Well, hello

Posted by Gillian Philip on 27 September 2011. 16 Comments so far.


Cat in BasketI don’t quite trust myself to update this blog as regularly as I should; I’d better say that upfront. I’ve kept meaning to start a blog of my own. It’s just that I kept worrying that I wouldn’t be able to think of anything to blog about.

And then I considered my Twitter account and my Facebook activity, not to mention my commenting habits, and I said to myself: WELL, IT’S NOT AS IF YOU AREN’T OPINIONATED.

So here I go.

I live in the north-east Highlands of Scotland with my family and way too many animals. I’m a full-time writer now, mostly of Young Adult fiction in different genres. I’ve been writing since I was knee-high to my dad’s old typewriter, but I started professionally in about 1990, when I sold my first short story. I stuck with short stories for years, though I really wanted to write a novel; I tried romantic novels (but I wasn’t any good) and then, after my own children were born, discovered Young Adult – and was instantly smitten. My first full-length book Bad Faith was published in 2008, and I thought I could breathe at last.

And then it turned out there were a lot more voices in my head, and they’d started hammering on the inside of my skull. So I kept going…

And now, at least for the time being, I get to do what I love all the time and get paid for it. This makes me very lucky, and very happy. Please stop by in the comments and say hi (just to reassure me – I do have an alarming habit of talking to myself…)

16 responses to “Well, hello”

  1. Jo Carroll says:

    Welcome, newblog. Will be good to see what you are up to from time to time.

  2. Geraldine says:

    Well having read two of your books I can testify that sticking with the writing was a good thing! I’ve read Firebrand and Crossing the Line – and I’ve just bought Bloodstone (def need another visit with the Sithe). I also have Bad Faith on my groaning (under the weight of unread books) bookshelves – so will get to that in time too. Keep up the good work.

  3. Congratulations on your beautiful new website (the old one was pretty swish too… triumph upon triumph!) and don’t you worry about this blogging thing. Following you on Twitter is a darn pleasure… I’m sure you’ll think of something to say… and if you don’t, just post pictures of that moggy in your in-tray. I’m a sucker for that kind of thing (my old cat used to lie flat out between the keyboard and the screen, every now and then deftly knocking yet another book off my desk with a well-aimed stretch), so you’ll be keeping me happy.

  4. Sharman says:

    Please keep blogging!
    I was taking a break from my birthday treat ( 2 days off, snuggled under the duvet, reading Bloodstone) to respond to some birthday wishes on Facebook… saw a link that led me to here… I’m off now to get following you on Twitter, then it’ll be back to Seth!

  5. Catt says:

    Yay for blogging. I love the pic. I didn’t think blogging was for me but I kept it up and it’s alright. Look forward to some of that opinionated Gillian! 😉

  6. Gillian says:

    Thank you, guys, for the comments! It’s very odd blogging on my own but I’m keepin’ at it! xx

  7. Tomi says:

    Great site! very inspirational! looking forward to continue to get to know just how your imagination works!

  8. Rebecca says:

    I am a keen reader and can easily read your fun and thrilling novels, I particularly enjoy your Darke Academy series it is a joy to read every new book of yours that comes out and am always on your website for new information on new books! I just love your books! At the age of 12 I am still finding my favourite genre but I am sure I can look through the local library at your books and find out! Thank you for being an inspiration for my reviews at school!

  9. Suhaila says:

    Hello! I was wandering,are you really going to write the survivors series? If not,I must of misheard it.

  10. Eve says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on the first Survivors book! I love dogs especially Border Collies,German Shepard’s or Labrador’s!!!! What’s your favourite type of dog? 😀 I saw your video on the Survivors website and thought your animals were SUPER cute!!! Love the picture of your cat by the way!

    Love and hope

    • Thanks Eve – that’s Dash, otherwise known as The Ghost! She’s very wild and hardly ever comes into the house, so I feel quite privileged when she has a nap in my in-tray… 🙂 My favourite kind of dog… hm. I do like big dogs, so at the risk of upsetting my daughter’s Papillon (who’s a sweetie) and my son’s Papillon-Jack Russell cross (Roussillon? Papirus?), I’ll have to say Labradors… I love Cluny to bits 🙂

      Thanks for coming by – hope you enjoy Survivors!

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