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His, hers, mine? Or even yours?

Posted by Gillian Philip on 23 November 2013. No Comments so far.

I wrestled for a long time with the points of view in Bloodstone. Characters changed from first to third person with every rewrite, and the viewpoints themselves were not always easy to choose. Some of them even altered between the first edition (UK) and the second (US). When the Little Red Reviewer asked me to write a guest post about this very subject, I was really intrigued (and pleased) to go back and investigate my own motives, because I’d never worked through my rationales on the page (and explaining your actions to yourself in writing can be a lot more revealing than doing it in your head). So here’s the resulting post, over at (the wonderful) Little Red Reviewer. I knew my reasons for the way I wrote Bloodstone – but I’d never really thought it through in proper paragraphs before…


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