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The Storm Of Dogs Tour: Dayton, OH

Posted by Gillian Philip on 23 February 2015. 4 Comments so far.

I just knew I was going to enjoy Dayton, Ohio – I had such a terrific time when I visited Cincinnati a few years ago (for Survivors 1: The Empty City – it seems like yesterday). So it was fabulous to meet my lovely media escort Annette, who used to work at the amazing Joseph-Beth bookstore in Cincinnati (still one of my absolute favourite stores). She drove me to my first school, Weller Elementary, where I met Theresa the principal, her wonderful staff, and more than 400 kids. And you were all TERRIFIC! I had an absolute blast – as usual I had to be almost dragged offstage (I’m from Glasgow – we’re renowned for how much we can talk). A huge special thank you goes to Alexa, who made sure I had everything I needed for my event.

After a quick bite to eat in my New Favourite Restaurant – McCormick and Schmick, and you HAVE to have their Coast-to-Coast tuna – we arrived for my event at Books & Co, which is a stunningly beautiful big bookstore with wonderful, enthusiastic staff. Before my event, Annette and Sharon the manager kept losing me – the truth is, I was hiding among the shelves because I had plans to stay and live there. But they found me, and I then enjoyed a really fun event. It was so excellent to meet Erin fans from Dayton – including Jessica, who I know from my Facebook page. Hi Jessica!









And thanks Hollyleaf – or Shaylee – for showing me your fabulous drawing of the warrior cats and asking me to sign it!

The next morning I was off to Orchard Park School – in the snow again! – where again I had the most terrific time, thanks to Principal Brian Snyder, Janice from the office, Heather the librarian and Tony who I met afterwards. It was so great to meet you all and to talk to your students, who had great questions to ask. You were all brilliant!

Heather the fabulous librarian!


At last, I had to catch the plane for Colorado – but not before Annette had introduced me to the Dorothy Lane Market (she could hardly get me out of there) and Graeter’s unbelievably amazing ice cream (black raspberry chocolate chip and salted caramel – yes, I had TWO scoops, because I’m greedy that way and I couldn’t choose).

Dorothy Lane Market. It’s so NEAT!



Taco Propers. Because they PROP UP YOUR TACO. *dies of love*

Annette the fabulous media escort!

I had such a fantastic time with Annette, meeting so many enthusiastic readers in Dayton – but sadly, again, I had to leave. This time forΒ  Boulder, Colorado, which I’m told is truly beautiful….

I’ll report back soon! Pack-howls and Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!


4 responses to “The Storm Of Dogs Tour: Dayton, OH”

  1. Olivia says:

    Please make a seventh survivors book with Lucky and Sweet having puppies. They are my favorite series of books. Please, please, please make a seventh survivors book. Please send me an email saying if you’re gonna make a seventh.

    • Hi Olivia! Thank you so much for your lovely message – I am delighted you are enjoying Survivors. And I can reassure you that not only will there be a seventh book, there will be a whole second series! And yes – there will be puppies πŸ™‚ I hope enjoy the further adventures of the Pack! πŸ˜€

  2. Olivia says:

    I really want a seventh survivors book!!!

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