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Rebel Angels Book Four
Death stalks Seth MacGregor’s clan in their otherworld exile. Kate NicNiven is close to ultimate victory, and she is determined that nothing will keep her from it. Not even the thing that took her soul: the horror that lurks in the sea caves. But Kate still needs Rory MacSeth, and his power over the Veil – and she’ll go to any lengths to get him.

Seth’s own soul is rotting from the wound inflicted by Kate. But might a mortal threat to his brother’s daughter Hannah force him to return to his own world to challenge Kate?

Rory suspects there’s a darkness trapped in the Veil – a darkness that wants to get out. But only one Sithe knows how close it is to getting its way: Seth’s bound lover, the witch Finn.

Nobody gets forever. But some are willing to try…


“Seth is a tough, laconic, sexy, flawed hero who does his best – and his best isn’t always good enough. Gillian Philip isn’t one of those authors who spares her characters.  People die – lots of them.  People you like die.  Terrible things happen.  There’s love and sex and loss and grief and bloodshed. Forget ‘Game of Thrones’. This is better… ICEFALL lives up to all the promise of the earlier books. It’s explosive, violent and touching, with an emotionally satisfying ending that gives you, not necessarily everything you’ve hoped for – but everything you need.”

– Katherine Langrish, bestselling author of Troll Fell. Read the full review here.

 “It’s a gripping, fitting end to the story. I’m just sad to leave the Sithe and their world.”

– Our Book Reviews Online


– The Bookwitch