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Rebel Angels Book Three

It’s tough being the foretold saviour of your race. Rory MacSeth, kept a virtual prisoner in his own father’s dun and hunted by the Sithe queen, needs a break now and then – and what better fun than tearing the Veil no one else can tear, and escaping to the otherworld? In that dangerous otherworld, Hannah Falconer is as trapped by circumstance as the strange wild Sithe boy whose horse nearly kills her. But when she follows Rory to his world, she finds answers to questions she should never have asked…

And all the while, Seth MacGregor is fighting to keep his clann safe from the malevolent queen Kate. When an attack comes after years of stalemate, he is shocked to discover who is leading it…and who else is conspiring against him. Will the cunning and experience of five hundred years be enough to defeat Kate? And how many friends, and how many lovers, is Seth willing to sacrifice to keep his son?

Reviews of Wolfsbane

‘Wolfsbane continues the main themes of betrayal and revenge in this series with absolute panache. … Best of all, and inbetween the political machinations and the violence, we get a wonderful love story of piercing sweetness and valour against all odds. I’m still mooning over it now, several days after I’d finished reading.

Wolfsbane is one of those books that you read in one sitting because you just can’t put it down. Not reviewer hyperbole. You really can’t put it down. I love Philip’s faeries – they’re vital and vivid and, despite their longevity, live extreme lives where everything is without caution. In love, anger, cold-hearted revenge, grief and battle, these faeries never hold back. And it makes them irresistible.’

– Jill Murphy, The Bookbag. Read the full review

‘Wolfsbane leaves you breathless at the end. The realization of what is actually storming full speed ahead down that one way track, made me fearful. All bets are off in the next book… Rarely have I fallen so in love with a book or series so quickly, but this is right up there with the greats for me. Gillian Philip has become my instant buy author.’

– Book Chick City. Read the full review

‘It’s fantastic! If I don’t get to read the next – the fourth and final – instalment of Rebel Angels soon, I’m going to scream. Gillian is simply getting better and better. She is also growing ever more murderous. Expect deaths, both where you want them, but also where you don’t.’

– The Bookwitch. Read the full review

‘It’s a harrowing, at times stomach-churning, draining read because Philip creates characters that the reader believes in and cares about – but one that left me feeling I’d read something really special.’

– Our Book Reviews Online. Read the full review

‘I can’t deny that Seth is a guilty indulgent pleasure.  Written personally for me!… The drama escalates to a thrilling hunt topped off with a bloody battle.  And, the end…. another long wait while we see what Seth can do now.  It’s no longer just about the clan…’

– Lynn’s Book Blog. Read the full review