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Mysteries of Ravenstorm Island Book 1: The Lost Children

When Molly and her little brother Jack visit their rich relatives on Ravenstorm Island, Molly feels immediately on edge. An elderly butler gives them bizarre warnings, eerie statues of children are dotted around the island, and – worse – she’s expected to be friends with her moody cousin, Arthur. But things become much worse when …continue reading.

Survivors: The Broken Path

Survivors Book Four

Lucky and Alpha have finally reached an uneasy peace, but tensions are still high – and Alpha has made it clear that there are some dogs he will never fully accept. As the newly united Pack sets off in search of a home far away from the Fierce Dog camp, they discover that no territory …continue reading.


Rebel Angels Book Four

Death stalks Seth MacGregor’s clan in their otherworld exile. Kate NicNiven is close to ultimate victory, and she is determined that nothing will keep her from it. Not even the thing that took her soul: the horror that lurks in the sea caves. But Kate still needs Rory MacSeth, and his power over the Veil …continue reading.


Rebel Angels Book Three

It’s tough being the foretold saviour of your race. Rory MacSeth, kept a virtual prisoner in his own father’s dun and hunted by the Sithe queen, needs a break now and then – and what better fun than tearing the Veil no one else can tear, and escaping to the otherworld? In that dangerous otherworld, …continue reading.


Rebel Angels Book Two

For centuries, Seth and Conal have hunted the Otherworld for the Bloodstone Kate wants. Homesick, and determined to ensure their clann’s safety, they’ve also made secret forays across the Veil. One of these illicit crossings has violent consequences that will devastate both their close family and, eventually, their entire clann. In the Otherworld, Jed Cameron …continue reading.


Rebel Angels Book One

Seth MacGregor is the half-feral, bastard son of a Sithe nobleman. It’s the last decade of the sixteenth century: a time of religious wars and witch-hunts in the full-mortal world. But the Sithe are at peace – until their queen, Kate NicNiven, determines to destroy the protecting Veil. When his father Griogair is assassinated, and …continue reading.

Survivors: The Empty City

Survivors Book One

The latest series from the Erin Hunter team! Lucky has always been a Lone Dog, but when the Big Growl strikes, his whole world changes. With enemies at every turn, Lucky knows he can’t survive on his own, and he falls in with a Pack. He’s not sure he’s ready to rely on other dogs …continue reading.

Survivors: A Hidden Enemy

Survivors Book Two

After discovering a forest filled with prey and fresh water, Lucky and the Leashed Dogs are sure that they have found their new home. But a fierce pack of Wild Dogs has laid claim to the land and their menacing Alpha is determined to make sure that no other dogs settle there. Now Lucky finds …continue reading.

Opposite of Amber Cover

The Opposite of Amber

Ruby and Jinn are sisters and the best of friends, the closest of allies, till no-good Nathan Baird turns up. Ruby is frantic with worry as Jinn begins to change beyond recognition, but she takes little notice of the murders that happen locally. A serial killer is not as frightening as the slow loss of …continue reading.

Frost Child

Frost Child

Rebel Angels

Exclusive to Kindle, and only 77p – a short introduction to the Rebel Angels series. Sithe captain Griogair MacLorcan is his queen’s fighter of choice, skilled and ruthless at clearing her glens of the vile Lammyr. He is not used to them coming back, so when they defiantly return, holding a young Sithe girl captive, …continue reading.

Bad Faith Cover

Bad Faith

“Before I slipped on the mud and fell over the Bishop, our family didn’t have a lot to do with murder. A little, but not much…” Life’s easy for Cassandra. The privileged daughter of a cleric, she’s been protected from the extremist gangs who enforce the One Church’s will. Her boyfriend Ming is a bad influence, with …continue reading.

Crossing The Line Cover

Crossing The Line

Nick Geddes is the loneliest thug in school, but that’s not entirely his own fault. True, he should never have thrown in his lot with the homicidal Kev Naughton in the first place, but he’s trying to live down his past. It isn’t his fault his mother is a New Age hippy chick with a …continue reading.

Sea Fever

Shades 2.0

Saul is always drawn to water, but his father hates him going near it. Three years ago Saul’s mother walked out to sea and drowned, so now Saul’s dad and stepmother have taken him as far away from the sea as possible. But the call of the ocean is a hard one to resist… Shades is a …continue reading.

Life of the Party

Shades 2.0

Life of the Party is the story of Chloe, a teenager who spends her spare time hanging out and binge drinking with her friends. One particular drunken night, after an argument with her best friend Steph, Chloe manages to stagger home, but the next morning awakes to something much worse than a hangover… Shades is a series …continue reading.

Mind’s Eye

Shades 2.0

Braindeads like Conor Smith are scary. Kids who become telepathic as they hit puberty can’t be normal. That’s why they need special implants in their brains. Lara thinks the same until the day she discovers she’s a telepath too. And once the authorities know, its only a matter of time before Lara gets an implant too… Shades is …continue reading.

Cyber Fever Cover

Cyber Fever

Mamie has her head screwed on. She certainly wouldn’t be foolish enough to meet up with someone she’s met on an Internet chatroom – would she? On The Wire is a gripping new fiction series of modern-day dramas based on family, school and relationship problems. These challenging, contemporary stories with emotional themes provide support for both …continue reading.

Lost Spirits

Darke Academy Book Four

A new term, a new location for the Darke Academy – and everything changes for Cassie Bell. The beauty of Kenya can’t make up for the loss of her soulmate Ranjit. He’s on the run, and Cassie will do anything to find him. But when the evil Katerina and her mother appear, more powerful than …continue reading.

Darke Academy Secret Lives Cover

Secret Lives

Darke Academy Book One

You’ll be dying to join the chosen Few. The Darke Academy is a school like no other. An elite establishment that moves to a new exotic city every term, its students are impossibly beautiful, sophisticated and rich. And the more new scholarship girl Cassie Bell learns about the Academy, the more curious she becomes. What …continue reading.

Darke Academy Blood Ties Cover

Blood Ties

Darke Academy Book Two

This term the secretive Darke Academy has moved to New York, and Cassie Bell is no longer the innocent new girl. Now she is strong, determined, and hiding secrets of her own. For Cassie has been introduced to the world of the Few and is struggling to come to terms with her astonishing powers, a …continue reading.

Darke Academy Divided Souls Cover

Divided Souls

Darke Academy Book Three

Death has followed the Darke Academy to the anicent city of Istanbul. An unseen hunter is on the loose. Cassie Bell is fascinated by the city’s beauty, but there’s no time for her to relax. Torn between an old flame and a new romance, she must also choose between the select world of the Few …continue reading.